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Connected gadgets are great fun for the family, but maybe less so for Device Vendors, Content Providers, and Communication Service Providers.

2021 looks like another banner year for the expansion of connected devices and services, especially in the midst of the ongoing COVID pandemic.

What can ISPs and CSPs do once they detected CX problems in their subscribers' connected home?

Last night Veego Agents running in home routers noticed over-the-internet Fortnite upgrades to thousands of users who play games on their end-devices.

In a world of highly equivalent offerings and pricing, how can an Internet Service Provider know if its subscribers are happy or miserable, loyal or about to churn?

Veego's new capability that enables ISPs to know ahead of time what their subscribers need for good Quality of Experience.

How would you like to be blind to most of all that’s occurring to your home subscribers’ experience? If you are an Internet Service Provider, you are!

ISPs finally get the information they have been lacking to know how to optimize each home network.

Polar bears hunt seals while Veego earns its own Seal of Excellence from the EU

Red Herring-Europe has bestowed “Finalist” status on Veego after reviewing the company’s technological impact on the Connected Home market

Veego introduces a proactive, context-aware speedtest that fixes problems, too

You're home in isolation for 14 days - what to do? Work, online streaming and gaming are the solution, leading ISPs to face a spike in internet usage.

What if your smart-home could tell you that you're at risk of being infected with the Coronavirus?

Artificial Intelligence can prevent many support calls, improving the cost and efficiency of the ISP support operation. Check out how.

Machine Learning is the key to boosting support capabilities while saving millions of dollars for Customer Care Departments [...]

IoT intelligence is artificial and so must be the services that make everything work together smoothly. [...]

Router replacement moves the problem rapidly to somebody else, but it costs a fortune.

Buying smart devices on Black Friday is fun. But getting them to work by Monday is a bleaker story.

As an expert in the fields of IoT and connected homes, Omer Sagi shares his wisdom and experience with us. [...]

A great deal of valuable information concerning the connected home was exchanged when Stacey Higginbotham recently interviewed Veego CEO, Amir Kotler. [...]

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