Data Packs

In addition to the three solutions, Veego offers Veego Data Packs which deliver the underlying capabilities that the three Veego Solutions employ. CSPs can acquire individual Data Packs, such as App Classification and QoE scoring, and integrate them with their own systems. The Data Packs directly access the Veego data in the cloud in a variety of valuable ways and make it available, via API, to CSP business applications.

Veego solutions, Engage, Care, and Active, are based on many advanced technologies, many of which are patented. Between the solutions and technologies is another layer: Data Packs.

Data Packs are organized in five groups: App Intelligence, Device intelligence, Malfunction IDs, Resolutions, and Profiles. Within these groups, CSPs can select from among more than a dozen individual Data Packs for seamless integration with their internal BI and other systems via API. CSPs are invited to contact Veego to see the full menu of Data Packs with easy-to-understand descriptions and requirements.

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