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Interacting with subscribers through Customer Care can be inefficient, expensive, and fraught with frustration.

Veego Active, the ultra-friendly mobile app, enables subscribers to monitor their own home networks and resolve many quality issues themselves, so they don’t have to call Customer Care. Right on their smartphones, subscribers can see the topology of their home network along with relevant, easy-to-understand performance metrics. Veego Active detects issues in real time and suggests effective step-by-step resolutions directly to subscribers.

When support calls are necessary, the problem information is shared between Veego Active and Customer Care, enabling Technical Support Reps to quickly grasp the cause of any problem and what to do about it.

Troubleshooting & Resolution

Veego Active monitors the home network, automatically detecting, diagnosing, and resolving issues while keeping users informed on the smartphone app, pictorially and in intuitive language that they can understand.

Home Network Management

Veego Active allows users to manage their own network. From the convenience of their smartphones, users can see what devices are connected and for how long, what services are being consumed, and more. The number of hours of use are displayed so, for instance, parents can know how much gaming has been going on. Parents can also know when their children are home as their phones connect to the home network. Advanced users can take advantage of the telemetry concerning network quality, coverage, etc.

Knowledge Library

Veego Active appeals to novices and experts alike. It comes with easy-to-understand tutorials about the internet, WiFi, and other relevant subjects. It displays information the way that smartphone users like to see it: pictorially with easy navigation. As users start up their internet sessions, it supplies them with informative tips in context. Included is a glossary of terms that subscribers can access on demand.

Veego Active Benefits

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