Veego Optimizes Every
Subscriber’s Experience
at Every Moment

The Uniqueness

No two connected homes are the same; each operates in its own context, comprising the sessions, devices, apps, CPE, WiFi, and myriad conditions beyond the home at every moment. To perfect internet experience, CSPs must be able to monitor and react to real-time changes, session by session, attuned to the specific needs of every type of activity.

Dynamic Contextual Intelligence

Veego’s Dynamic Contextual Intelligence (DCI) allows Customer Care, Success, Marketing, Engineering, and other ISP departments, for the first time, to personalize care for millions of subscribers as opposed to the current generation of static and generic network-based intelligence. Based on DCI, the Veego platform empowers ISPs to deliver internet service individually to each home and user in a dynamic way that learns and adapts to conditions and needs.

Capturing the real CX

The AI-powered Veego platform uniquely monitors the real-time quality of experience (QoE) of every internet session in its full context, and calculates a QoE score that reflects how users are actually experiencing their internet.

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Total Addressability

WiFi is only part of the story of internet service delivery. Veego’s advanced machine learning capabilities address problem situations across the entire internet service delivery chain – within the home (devices, apps, WiFi, CPE) and beyond (last mile, WAN, cloud service).

The Technology

Disrupting the current state of internet service delivery requires a wealth of technological innovations and advancements. Veego has developed and harnessed (and patented) elements of artificial intelligence, pattern analysis, and more to deliver the breakthroughs that are changing the face of ISP subscriber engagement and care.

App Identification
Veego identifies each app as it is consumed (without relying on deep-packet inspection). Using advanced traffic and pattern analyses, Veego can tell if an app is streaming, gaming, browsing, etc. and considers the specific requirements for each type.
Device Fingerprinting
Veego notices whenever a device connects or disconnects, and discerns its type, properties, and needs. Veego maintains an up-to-date topology of every home network.
QoE Scoring
Veego uniquely and continuously scores the Quality of Experience of every internet session in the context of the operational parameters of the device and service being consumed. The QoE score reflects how users are experiencing the internet at every moment.
Root - Cause Analysis

Veego uniquely observes across the entire internet service delivery chain, within the home (device, app, WiFi, CPE) and even beyond (last mile, WAN, app server).

Based on the QoE score, Veego can promptly determine when a problem situation is occurring (or is about to occur). With its end-to-end visibility, it can pinpoint where the problem is occurring. Using its trained ML models, it can determine the cause of the unacceptable QoE score.

The appropriate Veego model can also decide on the effective resolution that not only addresses the problem in its current context but can do so in the context of all the other internet sessions going on at the same time in the same home – fixing one problem should not cause an additional problem either to this user or to another.
Being CPE and infrastructure agnostic and unobtrusive, Veego agent can run in any router brand or hardware version and on all types of connections (X)DSL, cable, fiber and 5G

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The Infrastructure

Veego is a SaaS platform that shares breakthrough technologies between its Agent and its Cloud.
The Agent
The router-resident Veego Agent takes the strategic placement between the home network and the WAN, where it provides visibility into every home’s internet network and usage as well as across the entire internet service delivery chain. The Agent is agnostic to router hardware, runs in a container or in user space, and works on all types of internet connections including fiber, (X)DSL, cable, and 5G. It maintains a very small footprint, is low on memory consumption, and has no impact on CPU processing.
Cloud Analytics
All usage, performance, behavior data, and other statistics, along with all QoE-related data are generated, captured, and delivered to the cloud for over-time analysis. All of the data is anonymized and thus compliant with GDPR and other data protection regulations. From the Veego console, ISP users in a variety of departments can use Veego analytics to obtain illuminating insights and analyze experience data over any period of time for any segment of interest (geography, gamers, etc.).

Veego is the only technology vendor that can deliver actionable subscriber-experience data that reflects the experience the way that subscribers feel it at every moment.

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The Products

Veego empowers CSPs to ensure a seamless Internet experience via a combination of automated and speedy reactive care complemented by insightful proactive care. Veego advanced technology is embodied in three solutions:

Veego Engage

Generates and correlates internet performance data, yielding insights into any segment of the subscriber population. It supports proactive initiatives by recommending actions for the optimization of customer experience.

Veego Active

Ultra-friendly mobile app that enables subscribers to monitor and control their internet service in real time. Subscribers know about and resolve quality issues, so they don’t have to call Customer Care to enjoy good internet service.

Veego Care

Constantly perfects the internet experience of subscribers and reduces Customer Care friction. It optimizes the experience of every internet user, analyzes root cause, and helps TSRs remediate problems efficiently.

Data Packs

Veego organizes its unique capabilities in data packs. Used in our own commercial products, dozens of data packs – organized by Experience, Internet Performance, Demographics, and Preferences – can be integrated with the CSP’s own BI systems.

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