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Veego Engage

Veego Engage provides CSPs with unique, accurate, over-time understanding of the Customer Experience (CX) of every internet session across the subscriber base.

From its vantage point in every home router and support from the cloud, Engage automatically discovers devices as they connect and classifies apps as they are consumed. It monitors every internet session and quantifies the quality of experience (QoE) exactly how the user is feeling it at every moment. It generates, collects, and correlates performance and behavioral data in the cloud, empowering CSPs with the ability to filter and analyze any segment of the subscriber population to reveal illuminating insights about homes, network segments, in-home WiFi, device performance, and much more.


Out of the box, Veego Engage segments subscribers according to 4 types: behavior, lifecycle, migration, and value, yielding profiles like New Subscriber Homes, Gamer Homes, IoT Connected Homes, etc.

It enables the understanding of internet behaviors, habits, and trends of each segment with valuable insights like: how many hours do they spend on the internet? what devices do they use? what apps do they consume? what are their main internet problems? and much more.

QoE Monitoring

Veego Engage’s acute visibility spans the entire Internet Service Delivery Chain within the home and beyond. CSPs can closely monitor the QoE of subscribers at every moment to note and quantify the effects of changes in the environment.


Veego Engage produces a cohort-based list of homes that can be organized by quality of experience, types of problems, preferred services, and more. Armed with this knowledge, CSPs can take the initiative in the form of outgoing calls, SMS campaigns, and selective targeting.


Veego Engage enables the setting of personalized alerts based on configurable thresholds. It automatically notifies when designated subscribers are not experiencing sufficient internet quality or other conditions. The alerts are enriched with the context and reasons for the unacceptable level of service, and delivered as recommendations to improve the situation.

Network Performance

Veego Engage automatically detects issues that bring eye-opening insights to the attention of NetOps and Engineering. CSPs can meticulously measure the effects of network initiatives to quantify how users are experiencing the effects of recent network changes.

Veego Engage Benefits

Download the Veego Engage eBook

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