Fortnite Update Chokes the Internet and Affects the Internet of Thousands of Homes

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Communication Service Provider call centers overrun with tech support calls

Last night (October 21st) Veego Agents running in home routers noticed over-the-internet Fortnite upgrades to thousands of users who play games on their Playstations, Xboxes, Nintendo Switches, PCs, Macs, tablets and mobile phones. Epic Games, the owner of the Fortnite service, released the Update 2.90 October 21 patch or what the studio calls “the v14.40 update”. 

In the wake of the update, many problems with games were quickly reported to Fortnite, including crashing when attempting to load into or leave a mission.

However, Veego immediately noticed other problems to home internet users beyond the Fortnite community. As the update began, suddenly, Veego began to detect problems about router saturation, causing interference with many other internet sessions taking place in the same home at the same time.  

As Zoom sessions, Skype calls, Spotify music, MLB World Series streams, and other services began to buffer and halt, users immediately turned to their Communication Service Provider (CSP) Customer Care Centers for help. They generated a sudden uptick in tech-support calls causing logjams and lengthy wait periods.

But even when subscribers finally got to the Customer Service Reps manning these centers, they could not get satisfactory answers as the CSRs were at a loss to understand and remedy the problems. 

“CSRs have almost no visibility into what’s going in vis-à-vis the internet in the homes of their own subscribers,” declared Reffael Caspi, Veego Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer. “A problem like this comes out of nowhere and they are at a loss to see it, let alone, understand and deal with it.”

After an unacceptable and frustrating wait-on-the-line period, affected subscribers quickly described their problems to CSRs who could neither see nor reproduce them. They were at a loss as to what to tell their callers, adding to their frustration levels.

However, CSPs who had implemented Veego Agents in their home routers were able to receive automatic alerts in the Customer Care Centers like this one: 

Veego screenshot critical

Right away, CSRs could determine that the source of the problem was a sudden surge in the stream to a gaming device that was overrunning the capacity of the router. CSRs were able to drilldown immediately into the recent events concerning the suspect gaming device and conclude that a Fortnite update was the culprit. 

In this case, the problem, thankfully, would dissipate as soon as the v14.40 update was finished, as CSRs were able to inform their anxious callers. 

“Without Veego, I don’t know what we would have been able to tell our panicked subscribers who called,’’ a shift manager at one Customer Care Center informed us. “But, in this case, thanks to Veego, we were able to catch and understand the problem as it was happening.”

Preventing Support Calls

CSPs can integrate Veego into their own smart app which they use to communicate with their subscribers. Upon automatically detecting a condition like the Fortnite update, Veego will notify the CSP whose smart app can then swiftly alert subscribers about the problem, thus preventing support calls altogether.

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