Veego Care

Reactive Customer Care is tedious and expensive, and it turns off subscribers. Technical Support Reps require too much expertise and time to get to the root cause of the issues that prompt support calls. Subscribers become frustrated.

Veego Care automatically detects problems, analyzes their root cause, fixes some of them autonomously, and helps TSRs fix the rest promptly and effectively with recommendations for effective remediation.
With Veego Care, TSRs address support calls like experts, eliminating today’s unfulfilled requirement for a highly experienced and knowledgeable staff.

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The Entire Scope

Traditional Customer Care does not have enough visibility to fully diagnose problems. It misses opportunities to address issues properly. Veego Care observes and detects issues not only across the entire home-network topology (devices, apps, CPE, WiFi), but also beyond the home (last mile, WAN, and cloud service).

Troubleshooting Assistance

Veego Care proactively guides TSRs to proper resolution of problems while they are servicing subscribers. It provides easy-to-understand analysis and recommendation for resolution and provides troubleshooting instructions with easy-to-follow steps, helping TSRs deliver effective solutions faster.

Historical View

At the dashboard, TSRs can easily identify recurring trends and issues that repeatedly affect the home internet service, sharpening their ability to solve problems. As necessary, Veego Care provides the historical view, identifying recurring issues whose resolution will solve the problem once and for all.

Veego Care Benefits

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