When Stacey Met Amir

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A great deal of valuable information concerning the connected home was exchanged when Stace Higginbotham
recently interviewed Veego CEO, Amir Kotler.
Stacey, as many IoT aficionados know, writes and distributes the Stacey on IoT newsletter and podcasts
to tens of thousands of enthusiasts. She often shares her deep understanding of the market via speaking
engagements at key industry events. Stacey’s opinion-maker status and access to movers and shakers in
the IoT world stir the passion of this rapidly growing industry. We encourage all interested parties to
On her popular news site, Stacey recently published the write-up of her fascinating interview with Amir,
and the knowledge exchange was riveting. She quickly outlined the problem—how the smart home is
made up of so many different types of devices and how “buggy” it is.

Check out Stacey’s post about Veego!

Ain’t it the truth?
Stacey discerned the extreme value of the Veego offering: an end to malfunctions in the smart home
resulting in smooth customer experience and big cost savings for ISPs who are having a tough time
providing cost-effective service to millions of home customers.
After getting some background info on the origin and funding of Veego, Stacey was able to prompt Amir
to speak about how the Veego product is architected and how its services are delivered. She described
the market for Veego: primarily ISPs and router manufacturers.
Upon hearing about the Veego contribution to the well-being of the smart home, she concluded: “All of
[this] sounds awesome. As someone with dozens of smart home devices, I would love this product.”
Amir was honored to meet Stacey and especially appreciated her punchline from the interview: “I like
everything about what this company is doing and hope that the ISP sales cycles don’t slow it down.”
We will do our best to make sure the ISPs understand the value of Veego the way that Stacey
Higginbotham understands it.

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