Veego Introduces Self-Care Mobile App for Communication Service Providers and Their Internet Subscribers

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Veego Software, the world leader in connected-home decision intelligence and analytics, today announced the release of its latest product, Veego Active. The highly intelligent and easy-to-use mobile app gives Communication Service Providers (CSPs) the ability to transform Customer Care into a positive-engagement vehicle that improves NPS scores and reduces churn.

Customer Care is often a frustrating point of engagement for subscribers and CSPs alike. Agitated subscribers turn to Customer Care after encountering annoying problems with their internet service. Customer Service Reps (CSRs) who field support calls often lack the visibility into the home internet service to solve the problems. Beyond checking for passwords and the tedious “turn off and on your router and wait until the light stops blinking”, they are often at a loss for actual solutions, leading to poor KPIs and angry subscribers who cite Customer Care as a major cause of their decision to churn.

Veego Active eliminates this frustration by enabling CSPs to literally put the power of addressing internet service problems into the hands of the subscribers themselves, even those with little or no technical expertise.

From their smartphones, Veego Active lets subscribers monitor their home networks, diagnose their home-connection quality, and resolve issues on their own. Helpful information is displayed via easy-to-understand graphics and simple labels. Subscribers can see right away what types of devices, apps, and services are connected and operating on their internet, how the WiFi is behaving, and more.

When a problem occurs, Veego Active automatically detects and displays it on the smartphone screen with helpful information about its nature. Active also suggests a self-care solution with simple steps that any user can implement, thus deflecting numerous calls to Customer Care.

Some internet problems are beyond the capability of users to solve themselves. For these, Veego Active instructs users to contact Customer Care and provides information that can be passed to the CSR to shorten the call.

Veego Active also enables CSPs to propose relevant upsell opportunities, like an extender for better coverage or an upgraded bandwidth package to accommodate heavy gamers in the home.

“Customer Care has, for too long, been lacking the data and positive means of engagement with subscribers,” declared Amir Kotler, CEO, Veego Software. “Our advanced Decision Intelligence, AI, and other technologies, combined into our products like Veego Active, are able to transform Customer Care into a positive differentiator in the internet service industry.”

To help users of every level understand more about their internet service, Veego Active provides helpful tutorials. An easy-to-understand Knowledge Library and glossary of terms are also readily available as part of the app.

CSPs can brand and integrate the Veego Active mobile app and distribute it to all or individual segments of their subscribers.

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