White Paper

Solution Overview

Veego delivers CSPs and ISPs real-time data and context aware insights about their customers’ connected experience – from apps running in their home to their connected devices to the overall end-to-end quality of experience.

The Veego Solution Overview White Paper outlines what makes Veego’s solution unique.  The White Paper explains how Veego’s proprietary technology with a combination of app ID, device fingerprinting and QoE scoring and other provides ISPs/SCPs essential data-driven insights into the quality of their subscribers connected home experience and customer journey.

This White Paper will:

  • Review the Veego Architecture
  • Explain how Veego uses contextual awareness and QoE to improve customer Experience
  • Outline how Veego leverages Application Intelligence to generate high level analytics

Something to read for the way?

The Veego ‘Solution Overview’ White Paper covers everything you need to know about current industry challenges and developments, and how the Veego products help service providers overcome them.

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