For this approach to be effective, AI and ML engines need to be up to date. It’s critical to continually follow up on any changes to the way applications are architected, keeping a view on the number of connections in use simultaneously, what type of connections they are and how they use the LAN and WAN networks.

Proactive Outreach And Care

You can’t reduce churn down to zero, but you can identify the homes that need a bit of TLC. The right contextual data analytics gives you an eye in the sky to recognize which homes are “in the red zone” and most likely to churn. Then, proactive outreach and care can help these subscribers move the needle on customer satisfaction, whether they are likely to pick up the phone or not.

It can take trial and error to get your thresholds and alerts where you need them to be. Take the time to decide how you define a home in the red zone—including what constitutes a poor experience, how continually or regularly a problem must occur and whether it will relate to service calls or complaints.