Four Strategies to Build Subscriber Loyalty

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As the Telco industry has been hit hardest by post-pandemic churn, and customer loyalty is down 22% since 2019, it’s never been more important to think about subscriber loyalty.  In part one of our holistic customer care series, we introduced the idea of holistic support as the perfect triad of reactive, proactive and self-care. 


In the second part of the series, we will introduce four strategies that drive loyalty in Telco subscribers.  These approaches can alleviate the three issues that are most likely to cause churn, namely poor customer experience, a low barrier to entry to a new service provider, and poor network quality.

1. Turning Customer Care into a 360 Degree Experience Suite

Many CSPs are still heavily reliant on their customers picking up the phone and telling them what’s wrong. While reactive care is critical, proactive and self-care capabilities can lighten the operational load on internal support teams, and add a whole lot of value for the customer. If you can access contextual data about user experience, and quantify that data into a consistent and accurate Quality of Experience score, you can target the households that need support in their moment of need, or provide them with the tools to mitigate simple issues on their own. 


This is a sure-fire route to delighting those who often complain, and it also encompasses those who never pick up the phone – those who just ask their friends whether they would recommend their internet provider the next time they meet.  


Imagine Gemma, a subscriber who calls your support line… a lot. As soon as she experiences a drop in service, she picks up the phone, costing you dearly in support time, technician visits and equipment replacements. Whoever speaks to Gemma always has the same report, that she is immediately angry, and ready to cancel her contract if a problem isn’t resolved. How can you help Gemma, and all the tens of thousands of subscribers just like her? With contextual intelligence, you can create a list of high-maintenance households just like Gemma’s, and set up an alert that is triggered when any of these homes are experiencing a drop in QoE. When this alert is sent, a customer care agent can immediately fix the issue, or proactively reach out to suggest a solution, before she even has time to dial. That’s how you make all of your Gemmas speechless.

2. Optimize Home Network Performance with Network Intelligence

To calculate an accurate QoE, you need to understand how the home network and yours, the CSP’s, is performing at all times, and how that translates to user subscriber experience. Once you know what issues cause what impact, you can make adjustments in a targeted way so that every subscriber is receiving optimal performance. 


By obtaining visibility into the home and all along the supplying network, you can see what elements are causing service degradation under what circumstances. As a result, you’re able to offer a reliable product to your subscribers – an internet connection that is supportive of their actual activities and behaviors.


School is out for summer, and Micah and Allison are both working from home, scheduling web conferences on a shared calendar, and juggling responsibilities. They have 3 kids, all of whom are on a steady diet of Netflix, Minecraft, Scratch, and Facetime, if their summer reading is done and the floor can be seen in their bedrooms. Allison has an important meeting coming up, and she’s worried about the bandwidth. If her call is impacted by the video freezing or an out-of-sync conversation because of an over-eager drowned mob, she’s in trouble. What can you do for Allison? By switching the child’s activities, either by device or activity to the 5GHZ band, and using the 2.4GHZ band specifically for web conferencing, Allison can be sure that her Zoom call will go uninterrupted. 

3. Increase Your CX-focus

OTT services and value-added bundles are now the norm for today’s digital service providers, so to grab that competitive edge, the name of the game is personalization. By learning and understanding subscribers’ consumption preferences, you can offer relevant bundles that meet their individual needs, whether that’s streaming, gaming, conferencing or otherwise. 


By adding value around the internet alone, it makes you a stickier service provider, with more aspects to your relationship than just the web. Subscribers need to consider what else they would lose when they make a switch to your competitor. 


Season 2 of Squid Game is officially on the way, so it’s no surprise that a large segment of your customers are holding tight to their Netflix subscriptions. As you have Contextual Intelligence as your guide, you can see exactly who your Netflix users are, those who love streaming, watching movies, and even playing games on the platform.  Want to add value for this segment to increase loyalty? Offer them the ability to merge their Netflix subscription with their internet package, saving $5 over buying each subscription individually, and simplifying their subscriptions into one. Bonus: those Netflix revenues now appear on your  balance sheet, increasing your wallet share overall and driving up revenues.

4. Aim to Be a Silent Service Provider

The best CSP-subscriber relationship is one where you never need to speak at all. Think about a silent partner, who provides all the helpful infrastructure, but remains in the background, unheard. Never having to call is every subscriber’s dream, knowing that auto-resolution is working behind the scenes, and automated processes are keeping QoE experience scores optimal at all times. Why would subscribers ever think about your competition when everything is working great?  

Imagine… nothing. Silence. Tumbleweed. Your customer care reps are twiddling their thumbs, and you have no idea what your subscribers are up to. Everyone is happy, and getting exactly what they pay for – reliable,  frictionless internet experience. Coffee break, anyone? 

Veego for Subscriber Loyalty 

Acquisition is all well and good, but in today’s heavy churn environment, retention is more critical than ever. Veego offers CSPs the opportunity to build a 360 degree experience suite for their subscribers with holistic customer care that includes reactive, proactive and self-care options. 


By providing full network visibility and Contextual Intelligence, CSPs can target users in the moment of need, offering smart fixes that keep QoE constantly reliable. This visibility can also support segmenting users to offer bundles and packages which make it harder to churn, and create opportunities for implementing auto-resolution, so that subscribers can forget your name, and focus on their frictionless online shopping order instead. 

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