How Veego Active (Self-care Mobile App) Benefits Four Types of Internet Subscribers

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In today’s Telecom world, subscribers look for more than competitive prices and attractive services. They also expect their service providers to be aware and responsive to their needs. Good customer relationship management is now a vital tool for telecom operators to increase retention and enhance the customer experience. As a result, Self-Care applications, or the so-called Self-Service applications, emerge as a rich interaction suite that empowers customer engagement and reduces customer care costs.

The Role of Self-care Apps

Above empowering homeowners, self-care apps ensure that subscribers interact with customer care teams and only call when necessary. It provides them with an easy-to-use means of managing their home network and access. The app guides homeowners through every step of access point installation and setup, reducing the need for truck rolls and can even propose solutions for issues such as a bad router, and extender placement. The app also provides operators a powerful channel for incident reporting.

The recent Facebook outage in September 2021 resulted in three times more ISP service calls than is typically the case. ISPs throughout the world were scrambling to identify and comprehend the malfunction. A mobile self-care app could have proactively pushed out a real-time notification indicating that the malfunction was not connected with the user’s ISP, saving money and time wasted answering furious subscribers. 

Internet As Commodity

According to Veego research, people regard the internet as a commodity. They want it to work without disruption similarly to electricity or water. This begs the question of which kind of customers would go ahead and download an app for something that most do not want to even think about. The answer is two types of customers: people who are highly dependent on their home WiFi connection, and people who care a lot about what goes on in their network.

4 types of subscribers who depend on connectivity

In this document, we will review the types of internet users who are highly dependent on their WiFi for their daily activities:

Veego has identified four categories of highly-reliant internet users that are dependent on their (home) connectivity:

  1. Gamers 
  2. Work-From-Home Folks 
  3. Live streamers
  4. Bingers
Veego and Gamers:

Gamers are all about ping. Although other factors can influence their experience (like jitter and packet loss), ping is a well-known metric and the first one gamers look into when their games are glitchy. When such an event happens, they tend to assume that the issue is with their ISP and either call, or churn if the issue keeps on happening. 

Veego allows these customers to better understand why their ping is high. It measures the ping of the ISP network and the ping to the game separately – which allows gamers to see if the issue is caused by their ISP or because the server is simply too far.

Veego And Work-From-Home Folks:

People who work from home need a stable connection for conference calls. This connection can easily be interrupted due to an overload on the WiFi by other devices, WiFi interferences, or an ISP issue. By recognizing the quality of their conference call, Veego knows exactly when it breaks and alerts them of the issue. In addition, Veego’s predictive quality screen allows them to know what the quality of their conference call will be even before it starts – and prepare their network for it.

Veego and Live Streamers:

Despite being a small minority, live streamers and other media personnel are a crucial segment for two reasons:

Firstly, they are heavily dependent on their connection and use overly sensitive Live Streaming connections – the quality of which can be interrupted by the slightest network issues.

Secondly, they tend to have a large audience, so any service interruption would be immediately noticed by that large audience, and any positive or negative experience with dealing with it will be communicated to it.

The Veego app turns the negative experience into a positive one by analyzing the quality of live streams and heavy uploads. Interruptions in those can occur very easily: WiFi overloading and interferences, or infrastructure choking. Veego can recognize these and communicate its solution to the users – preventing the negative experience.

Veego and Bingers

As millions of people all over the world embrace the convenience of digital streaming and the instant gratification of binge-watching their favorite series, parents are particularly curious about their children’s online activities. 

Veego’s real time view of their activity reveals exactly what categories of binging they are undertaking, for how long, and more. Veego can monitor whether they are skipping their homework, not going to sleep, or browsing to the wrong sites.

Although these four audiences are highly diverse, they all share the strong need for connectivity. The Self-care mobile app helps give them the visibility and monitoring they need to ensure there are no more negative experiences.

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