Podcast: Veego Gives The Power Back to The Consumer

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This podcast originally appeared on: TelecomReseller

Veego enables the consumer to monitor the quality of service being provided from the service provider and all of the equipment connected to the network. Amir Kotler, CEO and Co-Founder goes into great detail on the process and provides some very interesting insights to Don Witt of The Channel Daily News, a TR publication.

Listen in as Amir covers some of the Veego technology advancements over the last year. He also addresses the current state of the ISP and MSP and how his software will have a major impact on providers in the future. It is technology that is a must for both the provider and the user.

Veego is a cutting-edge SaaS based AI tech that classifies the apps and devices running in the home to provide real-time insights about customer quality of experience.

  • They perfect the internet experience in millions of homes
  • They enhance the quality of experience in the connected home
  • They utilize data to generate insights for internet operators so they can enable perfect user experiences
  • They connect data for connected user experiences

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