Veego Wins Juniper Award as Best Customer Data Platform Solution

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Veego, the world leader in App Identification and connected-home contextual intelligence, has been named the Best Customer Data Platform Solution -Platinum Winner by Juniper Research.

Veego, the dynamic contextual intelligence provider renowned for their app identification technology, has been named Best Customer Data Platform Solution – Platinum Winner by Juniper Research. The Future Digital Awards by Juniper recognize “organizations that have made outstanding contributions to their industry and are positioned to make a significant impact in the future”. This success demonstrates that Veego is making great strides in providing effective solutions to communication service providers (CSPs) worldwide to enable holistic customer care and optimized network operations. By leveraging dynamic contextual intelligence, Veego gives CSPs unparalleled visibility into their subscribers’ connected home and all its affecting conditions, assigning a quality score that is an accurate representation of their experience, while at the same time supporting technical and customer service teams with autonomous problem resolution and recommendations. Veego’s Quality of Experience score is unique in its ability to factor in every session’s conditions in the context of the operational parameters of the device and service being consumed, and is therefore an extremely accurate representation of the subscribers’ subjective experience.

With its pioneering approach to aiding Communication Service Providers with subscriber and network management, Veego has made great advances in the customer experience and broadband operational field.

The award recognizes Veego’s ability to provide communication service providers with intricate visibility into the entire service delivery chain, and into their customers’ connected-home experience, across all applications and devices.

Leveraging artificial intelligence and advanced analytics, Veego helps communication service providers to optimize their support teams’ efficiency and performance, delivering data-based insights that enable faster reactive as well as accurate proactive care capabilities. With this award, Veego proves itself as an indispensable partner for communication service providers helping them simplify complex network issues and ensure exemplary customer experience. 

Veego is an unparalleled platform that leverages AI-based dynamic contextual intelligence to uniquely score every activity within a household, creating a qualitative metric of the subscribers’ experience (Quality of Experience). By identifying consumed applications and devices and monitoring their performance, Veego gives CSPs the tool to identify connectivity issues and address them in a timely manner. 

Veego’s product suite creates a holistic approach to customer care by: 

  • Giving reactive care an AI-boost with real-time connected-home visibility and network analysis across the server, WAN, router, LAN, and device
  • autonomous problem-resolution technology and recommendations
  • Overtime analytics to discover bottlenecks and other recurring network problems, as well as audience insights for personalization efforts 
  • Subscriber self-care capabilities with the Veego Active app 

By uniquely addressing the needs of individual subscribers, CSPs can foster loyalty and engagement while generating trust in their service. A holistic approach to customer care facilitates meaningful relations with customers by providing personalized communication and creating tailored solutions that are effective and make an actual impact on the subscribers’ experience. 

With Veego, CSPs can dramatically improve their bottom line, reduce churn, optimize OPEX and ARPU, and create long-lasting relationships with their subscribers.

By partnering with Veego, CSPs now have a powerful tool to bolster subscriber retention and grow their customer base. With its intuitive understanding of subscriber behavior and detailed insights into customer experiences, Veego makes it easier for CSPs to reduce subscriber churn and create stronger, long-lasting relationships with their customers. Moreover, Veego can enable CSPs to optimize operational efficiency and maximize ARPU; thus allowing them to improve operational costs while still ensuring they generate the revenues they need. By deploying Veego, CSPs can be sure that they are on the path towards increased success.

Learn more about how Veego can help you take your broadband operations to the next level by requesting a demo

With Veego, you’ll have access to real-time broadband performance data insights along with personalized customer experience management. Request your free demo today to see how Veego can help revolutionize your broadband operations today. 

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