Veego to Unveil Engage 2.0 at CommunicAsia 2022

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Veego Software, a global enabler in App Traffic Classification, will unveil Engage version 2.0 at CommunicAsia 2022 in Singapore, June 1-3 –Hall 4 – Stand 4D1-01. During the event the company will showcase the new version of Veego Engage.

The 2022 CommunicAsia Summit will be the largest event for the ICT industry in the Asia-Pacific region and is expected to draw global industry brands showcasing key and emerging technologies. The Summit will feature roundtable discussions, forums, and presentations on a broad range of industry subjects and draw participation from top experts and managers from the telecom space and Internet Service Provider (ISP) areas of business.

For years, telco providers have struggled with the inability to gather clear, actionable, and reliable end-to-end infrastructure intelligence to better understand and resolve service issues which impact the connected home user’s quality of service. At CommunicAsia this year, Veego will demonstrate how Engage 2.0, the flagship product of its company’s Application Intelligence Platform and how it is able to uniquely deliver rich performance data and apply it to improve the subscriber experience. Designed for today’s telco industry, Veego Engage 2.0 delivers sophisticated near real-time visibility for providers’ Customer Success/Experience teams, Marketing and Sales professionals, Data analysts and Engineers.

The platform provides ISPs with an exceptional view of the connected home quality of experience, subscriber behavior and customer segmentation capabilities to support proactive initiatives that anticipate customer needs.

Veego’s AI-based platform can monitor and understand which home connectivity applications and devices are being used, and in what capacity. This means the technology can identify current and anticipate potential suffering homes and the issues that led to it – enabling the ISP or CSP to make better decisions and take the most appropriate action internally or by promoting it in front of the customer.

Representing the next generation of the telco/ISP enabled connected home, it forms the basis for the way in which Veego’s intelligence uses data to support network performance and enhance the customer experience.

A primary module in the multi-faceted platform is Veego Engage, a SaaS solution that helps ISPs promoting strategic proactive initiatives based on intelligent analysis of their own data.

Veego Engage 2.0 enables segmentation of the customer base, monitoring of the connected home performance and behavior to get valuable insights about the customer pain points and needs. In addition, engineering teams can understand internet performance fluctuation retroactively to optimize network and prevent failings.

New in version 2.0 are the following new capabilities:

1. Alerts – Defining data thresholds upon which push notifications will be sent
2. Leads – Issuing lists of homes that correspond to specific criteria in order to support proactive initiatives
3. Addition of new segments: Smart Homes, iOS Fans
4. Addition of new events for QoE monitoring: such as Homes where new Internet boosters have been installed during the last month

“With the launch of Engage 2.0, service providers have a new opportunity to significantly improve the customer experience while supporting their organization’s bottom line,” said Amir Kotler, CEO of Veego Software. “CommunicAsia 2022 is the premier ICT event in the region, and we are excited to introduce our flagship product to the attending Asia-Pacific ISPs and telecoms.”

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