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“It is our mission to provide ISPs with entirely new AI capabilities that enable them to perfect and personalize the internet experience of each user in every connected home,” Veego COO, Assaf Katan, stated. “We are grateful to IT World for recognizing our rapid and considerable contribution to the industry in just our second year of operation.”

Veego’s breakthrough AI technology-based solutions are already revolutionizing Customer Experience (CX) and Customer Support (CS) on behalf of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) who bring internet services to the homes of billions of users. Veego sees every connected device and continuously measures every user’s Quality of Experience (QoE) in its own context, uniquely taking into consideration the factors that are crucial to each type of device and service. Veego

Veego endows ISPs with novel and effective proactive care opportunities, enabling them to address network, WiFi, and even device-originated issues. ISPs can use the rich data that Veego provides to rank and group homes by QoE, taking into consideration the device and service of each internet session. They can isolate problems and solve them before subscribers churn.

Veego continuously perfects Internet user experience in the Connected Home. It uniquely provides Internet Service Providers with ongoing visibility of all home devices and the services running on them. The context-aware solution quantifies every user’s Quality of Experience. From its vantage point in the home router and other CPE, with support from the Cloud, Veego automatically detects faults and behavior anomalies, analyzes their root-cause end to end— within and beyond the home—and resolves problems even before users encounter them. Veego bolsters Customer Support by facilitating subscriber Self Care with easy-to-follow recommendations and arming CSRs with assessments and effective action suggestions that deflect and shorten support calls, reduce truck rolls and eliminate unnecessary hardware replacements. The Veego Cloud continuously collects vast volumes of device and service performance, experience and event data generated from home routers across the entire ISP user base for valuable analysis and insights. To learn more, please visit