Veego’s New Active Mobile App Brings a Smile to Connected Home Users

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In the 1980s and 1990s, kids used to fight over who got to use the home landline. Today everyone has their mobile phone, laptop, and gaming console, and the battle is now over Internet bandwidth in our connected homes. Parents working from home, students, gamers, and TV bingers compete for finite bandwidth resources. While they may not be yelling at each other, they complain to their parents who in turn complain and reprimand call centers — or move to a new service provider.

The crux of the matter is that bandwidth may not be the problem. It could be Wi-Fi coverage and interference, problematic hardware, greedy bandwidth-hogging apps and a slew of other home connectivity related issues. 

Veego’s new Active mobile app is a leading-edge software that enables home users to finally take control of their home connectivity performance. More than the commonly performed speed test—which only increases users’ frustration, the Active app allows users to visualize their Connected Home topology, the health of their network components and active devices. 

By double-clicking any displayed device or components, users can see information on the performance of cloud applications, CSP services, Wi-Fi networks, and end devices. The app identifies the actual source of Quality of Experience (QoE) problems and eliminates the need for many of the most common customer calls to the CSP’s Customer Care department.

Veego’s Active mobile app lets every user measure the QoE of each connected device.. in real-time. From its vantage point in the home, Veego automatically detects faults and behavior anomalies, analyzes their root cause, and resolves problems even before users encounter them. Using an application identification (App ID) module, Veego essentially “sees” which categories are being used, and in what capacity. This makes it possible to identify, query, and measure devices in order to anticipate and troubleshoot potential categorical malfunctions.

In addition, Veego uniquely provides customers with visibility across the entire service delivery chain, utilizing the QoS score, ensuring customers have the optimal level of bandwidth to deliver the best internet service possible.

The Veego Active app enables home internet users to view the current and forecasted status of their devices and Internet sessions while recommending quick fixes that proactively improve the experience of the connected home users. For advanced users, the Veego Active app provides useful statistics and measurements such as the latency of currently active applications (critical to gamers), packet loss rates, and other indicators of network and session health. 

Veego’s Active mobile app is available in both Veego and white-label branding to increase customer loyalty among CSPs’ customers. The app aims to fulfil its mission of shifting disgruntled Home Connectivity Users to happy customers, bringing back a smile to their faces. 

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