Veego to Co-Chair Vital WiFi Task Group

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Hot off the Press: Veego’s Director of Product Appointed to Vice-Chairmanship of Vital WiFi Task Group

There is always drama taking place at Veego as we lead the way toward perfecting the customer experience and technical support in the connected home where WiFi is king. We are pleased to inform our followers, the connected-home community and millions of smart-device and application users across the globe, that our own Director of Product, Ruthy Zaphir, has been named Vice Chair of the WiFi Alliance’s Task Group on Customer Experience.

About the WiFi Alliance

WiFi is one of the greatest success stories of the technology era. Its global economic value is expected to reach $3.5 trillion by 2023.
The WiFi Alliance® (WFA) is a worldwide network of companies that develop, promote and support WiFi technology. everywhere. WFA’s membership roles include global leaders like Xiaomi, Alibaba, Broadcom, ZTE and Realtek. Their stated vision is to connect everyone and everything, Driving global WiFi adoption and evolution through thought leadership, spectrum advocacy and industry-wide collaboration, the WFA’s work helps ensure that devices and networks provide the interoperability, security, and reliability that users require.

Challenges Multiply as Use Multiplies

Use of WiFi is expanding rapidly and the technology is being implemented under many new, demanding conditions.

  • There will soon be more than 50 WiFi devices in a typical apartment or house
  • 60% of devices that connect to mobile games use WiFi
  • WiFi modules are increasingly embedded inside home appliances that work in high-temperature (oven) and high humidity (washing machine, dish washer) environments
  • Mobile devices often roam from room to room and can suffer from WiFi signal degradation as distances increase

WiFi is taking on an increasingly critical role in the digital lifestyle. It is touching more and more aspects of our daily lives.

Focus on User Experience

The WFA’s commitment to expanding WiFi use and availability brings with it a relentless focus on delivering great user experience. As Vice Chair of the Customer Experience Task Group, Ruthy is concentrating on perfecting the WiFi customer experience for all stakeholders: creators, manufacturers, integrators, users and support organizations.

“Today, a wide variety of IoT-related problems exist within smart homes and businesses,” Ruthy states. “Right or wrong, WiFi often gets the blame. We have to fix this perception.”

Since WiFi is the central service that connects disparate devices and applications, it is often the target of smart-home/smart-business customer complaints. In fact, WiFi is the reported issue in over 60% of all cable support calls.

Order in the Market

Confusion by profusion rules the day. The breathtaking advancement of IoT and WiFi usage is creating inter-operability problems among creators of IoT devices and application developers. The latter need best-fit devices that can empower new applications but they have difficulty deciding which of the many competing devices will deliver the best experience. IoT device creators, who must ensure that they can supply devices that perform according to customer expectations, have no structured way to check how their products will inter-operate with others and with third-party applications.

“That’s exactly why we need comprehensive performance testing,” Ruthy proclaims enthusiastically.

In fact, one of the Task Group’s main goals will be to create a WiFi Performance Testing Regimen whereby myriad devices and applications can be certified for proper use and inter-operability. A suitable testing certification process can ensure that vendors will be able to validate their products and applications and tune them to their target markets. Home users and businesses will benefit greatly from more information about device performance and compatibility.

Working alongside Vice Chair, Ruthy Zaphir, in the Task Group are representatives from Comcast, Keysight Technologies, Midea Group, CableLabs, ARRIS Solutions, and, of course, the WiFi Alliance. Ruthy declares, “We are dedicated to bringing a practical performance-testing solution to all stakeholders. The market is crying out for this.”

The product of the Task Group’s labors is expected to be implemented in about 18 months.
Amir Kotler, CEO of Veego, affirms, “We are very proud of the appointment of our Director of Product to Vice Chairmanship of this vital Task Group. We wish Ruthy great success as she, her Task Group, and the entire WiFi Alliance continue to improve our digital lifestyles.”

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