Veego Active: Self Care Technology that’s a Win for CSPs, and Their Subscribers

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Are you still investing in reactive technical support? If so, you could soon come unstuck, as the number of support calls rises, and the amount of technical expertise drops. Today’s skills shortages mean there just aren’t enough friendly voices available to competently manage every incoming call and reduce growing hold times. At the same time, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are trying desperately to reduce operational costs, but expenses such as customer care, technician dispatches, and truck rolls are costing them dearly. 

On the other end of the line, your subscribers are getting increasingly frustrated every time a voice tells them how important their call is to your business. The truth is, even when hold times are short, and there are plenty of support reps to go around, many of your customers just don’t want to pick up the phone at all. Veego Active provides an alternative. Let’s dive in. 

 The mindset of self-care has come a long way

Once upon a time, if a business had told you to do something for yourself – you’d probably leave and never come back. But those times, they are always a’changing, and today – self-care has become synonymous with autonomy, control, and speed – three things customers are pretty delighted about. Today, 81% of consumers say that they want more self-serve options from their vendors. 

Think about the ease of an ATM machine compared with lining up in the bank to speak to a teller, or self-checkout machines at grocery stores that allow you to jump the line. These are just two examples of self-serve that have become ubiquitous. Why not add this mindset to the way your subscribers interact with their internet? 


A blend of hands-on and hands-free

At Veego, we have a unique vantage point into how hundreds of thousands of subscribers feel about their internet experiences – and, spoiler alert: they want it to be perfect. 

Luckily, AI advancements mean that self-healing capabilities can handle many common home internet issues, evaluating surrounding network conditions, monitoring Quality of Experience, analyzing the root cause of a problem, and fixing problems autonomously – removing the need for human support. 

On the other end of the scale, there will be challenges that can’t be solved autonomously, and need technical expertise or CSP intervention. 

For the problems in between, those that can’t be solved autonomously, but don’t need technical experts in place, Veego Active provides a simple, self-care mobile application that allows subscribers to resolve many common issues themselves. Here’s what subscribers can do: 

Monitor and manage the home network

Subscribers can log in and see exactly how their home network is running, with granular insight into each device and application, and where resources are being used. Veego Active creates a picture of the entire home topology, who within the household is active, and every session’s Quality of Experience (QoE) in a friendly, non-technical way.

Resolve problems autonomously 

When the QoE score of a specific session drops or a problem occurs, Veego’s automatic root-cause analysis and auto-resolution gets triggered in order to restore the score back to optimal. In cases when auto-resolution isn’t available because it requires human intervention, subscribers can follow clear instructions within the app on how to solve it, or be proactively informed about an issue that may be affecting active sessions, whether or not it’s in the CSPs control. If needed, they can be prompted to call customer care in order to get the most appropriate support. When they call, TSRs and subscribers are both on the same page thanks to the connected-home insights provided by Veego.

Access upsell opportunities

Based on home topology and unique needs, CSPs can send relevant and personalized upsell offers directly to the user’s phone, further optimizing and improving the subscribers’ home internet experience. Offer WiFi extenders, larger data packages, or even boxes of chocolates if you think you can get away with it. Nom nom. 

Gain greater insight into their home

The Veego Active knowledge library provides rich resources to gain better understanding into various aspects of the home network, and learn best practices from practical how-to tutorials that support anything from network setup to problem resolution.  

View autonomous problem resolution

As described above, many problems will be resolved immediately, and subscribers can get details of recent fixes, and validation that their ISP is working hard behind the scenes. Best of all, it’s happening before you’ve even had your cereal in the morning, let alone sat down at your desk. 

Benefits of Self-care for the Business

It’s not just subscribers who will be shouting about self-care from the rooftops – the business benefits of adding Veego Active to your toolkit are immense. Speak to the C-suite about: 

    • Deflecting support tickets:  The average cost of resolving a support ticket is anywhere between $2.93 and $49.69, with a x3 cost as an issue escalates.
    • 24/7 support: An in-house call center or a managed service is expensive and a risk. Allow customers to self-serve, and you have free 24x7x365 answers.
    • Enhanced technical support: Remove the conversations where TSRs say “turn the router on and off again” and they suddenly have much more time for strategic support.
  • Higher First Call Resolution (FCR): When customers can self-serve, they only call once they’ve tried the obvious stuff. That means more calls handled the first time.
  • Lower Average Handling Time (AHT): If subscribers and technical support reps both have access to relevant, accurate network intelligence, problems are dealt with in a fraction of the time.
  • Sky-high CSATs and NPS: With shorter hold times and better problem resolution, your customers are bound to tell their friends about their NBI (New Best Internet). 

Veego Active Makes Self-care Simple

According to McKinsey Research, “as digital natives set a new benchmark for customer experience across industries, operators [should] …rethink their approach to serving, satisfying, and delighting customers.”

Your subscribers are looking for more digital capabilities, and less time on hold. Your support reps are overworked, and bored of the same repetitive conversations. Your C-suite would like to move the needle on critical KPIs, with digitization as part of the solution. 

Veego Active is your one-stop-shop for white-labeled self-care capabilities, seamlessly supporting all three groups. It’s ready to take the weight off support reps, delight your subscribers, and make you the C-suite’s employee of the month.

Let’s talk about how you can get started with Veego Active. 

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