The Role of Context in Understanding Customer Experience

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In our last two blogs, we discussed the role of CONTEXT for accurately measuring Quality of Experience and applying appropriate remediation to connected-home problems. Veego is unique in considering contextuality in both of these cases. But that’s not where the CONTEXT story ends. 

CONTEXT is the missing ingredient for properly understanding Customer Experience (CX) and transitioning from Traditional Customer Relations Management to Proactive Customer Engagement that retains customers and builds brand loyalty.

Traditional Customer Relations Management

In the traditional Customer Relations Management (CRM) scenario, understanding Customer Experience (CX) is a black hole. Service, Device, App, and Content Providers (“Providers”) are remote and distant from their customers and have very few tools at their disposal for understanding customer attitudes. Do the customers enjoy the service?  Are they frustrated and ready to throw out the device? Are they so displeased with the content that they are considering churning to a competitor?

Lacking a deep understanding of CX, Providers cannot deliver a personalized experience to each customer, matching the offering to each user’s characteristics, CX, and behavior. They cannot take advantage of upsell opportunities tuned to their customers’ specific needs. For many Providers, the only time they hear from their customers is when they receive a tech-support call. The reactive nature of this sort of relationship costs Providers dearly in terms of churn and expense. Working in reactive mode is slow, inaccurate, expensive, and cumbersome, and does not lead to improved understanding of CX and good customer relations. 

Proactive Customer Engagement

Proactive Customer Engagement is far more advantageous to Providers than traditional CRM in terms of:

  • Closeness to customers – understanding their behaviors and expectations at all times
  • Brand loyalty
  • Tech-support accuracy
  • Customer Care expenses
  • Personalization
  • New revenue generation

Veego continuously measures behavior, performance, and, especially, Customer Experience with services, apps, devices, and content. Advanced AI and other technologies enable Veego to keep a close watch on what’s going on in the connected home, endowing CSPs, Content Providers, and Device and App Vendors with visibility and insights. With Veego, they are knowledgeable about  customers –  what they are doing and how they are enjoying their connected experience at all times. 

It’s All in CONTEXT

Veego continuously monitors and accurately scores the Quality of Experience (QoE) of every internet session in CONTEXT.

When there’s a problem, Veego detects and addresses it in CONTEXT, often deflecting expensive calls to the Customer Care Center. 

In addition to measuring QoE and repairing problems, Veego uses CONTEXT to boost engagement with customers. Here are some examples:

  • Upsell. Veego notices that the WiFi signal has trouble reaching a game console. It alerts the CSP to an opportunity to proactively contact the customer with an offer for a mesh network. 
  • Addressing populations and segments. Veego detects and analyzes why many gamers in a given country are experiencing disconnections. Armed with this information, the global gaming service provider can address the problem before its reputation is damaged. 
  • Benchmarking. Veego informs an international movie-streaming service how various TV brands compare in Quality of Experience, enabling it to make recommendations to customers and TV manufacturers.
  • Before-and-After Comparisons. Veego can quantify and compare the results of an over-the-air software update, pinpointing new problems that were created and quantifying old problems that were fixed along with the effects on CX.
  • Insights. Veego accumulates behavior, usage, performance, event, and other data along with their CONTEXT to enable Providers to undertake deep analyses of customer segments and communities to gain crucial insights that can guide the way forward.

A New Proactive World of Customer Engagement

With its breakthrough understanding of the CONTEXT of everything that happens in each connected home, Veego endows Providers with the ability to fully understand the CX of each internet session –in each home and by groups of homes. With this knowledge, Providers can make the transition from reactive CRM to Proactive Customer Engagement, building long-term brand loyalty.

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