Salesforce Knows about CX and Veego Delivers It

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What’s the state of the connected customer?

Analyzing insights from 6700 consumers and business buyers in a double-blind, global survey, customer relations management colossus, Salesforce, concludes:

(1) With more choice, more access to information, and less incentive to be loyal, today’s customers are firmly in control of their relationships with companies. Consumers seek differentiated experiences based on trust and understanding, and will shop around to find them. 

(2) Customers expect engagement that’s uniquely personalized. They are looking for interactions that are connected and contextualized at every turn.

(3) Delivering personalized experiences requires a data-driven, 360-degree view — but more than half of respondents are uncomfortable with how their data is used. According to Salesforce, eighty-six percent of customers are more likely to trust companies with their information if they explain how it provides a better experience.

Measuring Experience Requires Context

Stakeholders in the connected home – Communication Service Providers (CSPs), Content and Media Providers, and Device and App Vendors – sell their products and services to billions of consumers. They all need insights into how their customers are using their wares and, especially, the experience. Furthermore, they need to perceive the context of the experience to understand it better. “Contextual at every turn”, as Salesforce puts it. 

Here are some examples of the cruciality of context:

  • Wouldn’t you agree that a high-res movie steam is much more critical on a 70” big screen TV than on a 5” smartphone? Merely measuring the quality of the stream does not necessary reflect the actual experience, but measuring it in the context of the type of device reveals the true picture.
  • How about automatic resolution of problems? Sure, there are some important WiFi management tools that can automatically switch bands and channels when a certain user becomes bandwidth-starved, but can they asses the affect of their remediation steps on all other concurrent users in the home? 
  • Bad reception is easy to ascertain and the solution seems straightforward: boost the signal from the router. But that might sabotage the connection. To work well, both sides of a wireless connection need to reach each other. Making the router transmit a stronger signal that reaches further does not guarantee that the signals returned by wireless clients—PCs, tablets, smartphones—will be able to reach the router. In this case, all you have achieved through signal boosting is sabotaging the connection by making coverage less predictable than it was in the first place. Will an extender work?  Depends. WiFi extenders create entirely new networks, producing more opportunities for interference and additional noise, not to mention neighbor interference. The context of the bad reception problem needs to be understood to arrive at a proper solution quickly and efficiently. 

Uniquely Contextual

To measure the actual Customer Experience (CX), Veego generates unique contextual, end-to-end Quality of Experience (QoE) metrics for accurate analysis of the quality of each user session taking into consideration

  • Device type
  • App or service requirements
  • Network characteristics
  • Other users in the home
  • User priorities

Veego helps CSPs, Content Providers, and Device and App vendors understand CX from their users’ point of view and allows

  • Optimization of each home network according to its needs
  • Personalization of each internet session based on the many requirements of that session as well as the needs of other concurrent sessions in the same home

Benefits of Knowing Context

Veego customers know what their users are doing and how they are enjoying the devices, services, apps, and content. Veego customers can:

  • Proactively approach users in real time to fix their problems by phone or automatic notification
  • Offer relevant products and services to receptive users
  • Enable personalization of each home and session based on actual usage and experience
  • Recognize suffering users before they call or churn
  • Filter irrelevant complaints and issues (server issues and device issues)
  • Deflect technical support calls by contextual auto-remediation and self-care
  • Assure users that data collected is used only to provide a better experience

We hear you, Salesforce, loud and clear. Veego is enabling our customers to advance from reactive customer support to proactive engagement based on knowing the actual experience in context. 

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