Connected Home Research Reveals That Most Video Streaming Performance Problems Are Not From ISPs/CSPs

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Let’s face it. We’ve all had bandwidth problems at one time or another. It’s so frustrating when the file you’re uploading to your webmail hangs. Or Netflix freezes as you’re in the middle of binging a new series. Or when a live sporting event suddenly drops at a critical moment. 

What’s even worse is when after waiting for 20 minutes on the phone, your Communications Service Provider (CSP) Helpdesk tells you they aren’t responsible and that bandwidth isn’t the problem.  

Your first thought is that they are brushing-you off. You can see how slowly your file is uploading or your TV is streaming. But what if they were actually being candid? What if it really isn’t always a bandwidth problem? 

56% of Quality of Experience issues are from wi-fi coverage & interference, not bandwidth.

Veego, the leading innovator in Connected Home actionable insights, has extensively analyzed Internet performance and video streaming services in Connected Homes. Veego’s analysis of network and app performance revealed that 56% of Quality of Experience (QoE) issues are actually from Wi-Fi coverage and interference, not bandwidth. They also discovered that 29% of QoE issues were due to problems with end-devices such as TVs and streaming dongles. 

Of course, sometimes bandwidth is truly a problem. But this isn’t at all surprising since the average Connected Home has more than 25 connected devices competing for bandwidth.

As contextual, app-aware Customer Experience (CX) management becomes increasingly critical, Veego Software’s unique contextual analysis engine provides Quality of Experience (QoE) scoring for every type of internet service and application according to their specific connectivity needs and real-time conditions. 

Why is contextual awareness in home connectivity a gamechanger? 

Context-aware home connectivity is the concept of leveraging information about the end user to improve the quality of the interaction. Emerging context-enriched services will use location, presence, social attributes, and other environmental information to anticipate an end user’s immediate and future needs, offering more sophisticated, situation-aware and usable functions – inevitably upgrading the user’s quality of experience (QoE)

Veego creates unique signatures for any QoE-impacting issue from inside your Internet router anywhere along the Home Internet Service Delivery Chain, from the devices inside the home to the connecting cloud servers. As a result, Veego can detect problems, provide root cause analysis, and deliver practical recommendations for self-care by end-customers or resolution by CSP support staff.

These insights have enabled some of the industry’s leading Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to understand and quickly fix 90% of their networking and application issues, powering a smooth and frictionless experience in Video Streaming, Gaming, Video conferencing and any other connected application.

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