Big Achievements in Record Time

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Veego is only in its second year of existence and already we have matured across all aspects of the startup dream—and we are gaining momentum! We want to share our most exciting achievements of 2020.

Sales and Business Development

Veego welcomes our first Asian and European customers. While the ink on the press releases is not yet dry, we can happily inform our followers that Veego technology will soon be in more than 2 million home routers with many more on the way. Our new customers are mainly from the Communication Service Provider (CSP) world who will put Veego technology into their routers and gain access to the ever-expanding Veego Data Lake. 

We are also in advanced discussions with several global Content Providers to provide them access to our growing Data Lake and along with piercing insights into the customer experience (CX) of their user communities. 


Veego Labs, the research wing of the company, has made several eye-opening discoveries about Quality of Experience measurements and behavior models of mobile apps and live conferencing which, as you know, have undergone considerable expansion during the Coronavirus pandemic. We are adapting these discoveries to upcoming solution releases. 

Our researchers have also been hard at work analyzing data from hundreds of carefully selected trial homes around the world. As a result, we have been able to add considerably to our Global Performance Signatures Library especially in the realms of gaming and streaming issues, i.e., behavior, problems, and effective remediations.


Our Solutions Development Group has expanded the Veego SaaS platform to address the pressure on CSPs for new revenue-generation potential. Veego now identifies high-probability upsell and cross-sell opportunities where CSPs can take advantage of the explosion of connected devices and services in the home, offering some of their own as well as personalized packages for heavy gamers and other types of households. 

We also launched a Self-Care module that allows home customers to heal their own problems. Upon discovery of a problem that the home user can fix himself (e.g., reboot the device, reconfigure the settings, update the software), Veego Self-Care issues easy-to-follow recommendations that help the user through the process. Veego Self-Care can also be integrated with the CSP smartphone app for seamless, direct engagement with users. Self-Care takes a load off of tech support call volumes and improves brand loyalty.  

Veego has exposed a detection module for CSPs who want to measure the in-home Quality of Experience of specific services like streaming to the TV and gaming. 


During 2020, Veego was the proud recipient of numerous awards. From Red Herring Europe to being named one of the 30 Best Tech companies in Asia to winning Computing’s Best AI Startup award, we are gaining considerable notoriety around the world. 

The Coming Year

Although we have been very busy, we aren’t resting on our laurels. We have even bigger plans for 2021 and some upcoming announcements to greet the new year with a bang. Stay tuned in. Visit our website often for updates and follow us on LinkedIn.

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