Leveraging Contextual Intelligence to Enable a Superior Home Internet Experience

Empowering CSPs with a deep understanding of their subscribers' connected home network, devices, and apps, to take actionable steps towards perfecting the connectivity experience within and beyond the home.

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Who is about to churn and what can you do about it?

How can you ensure that new subscribers get a great first impression from their internet?

Where are the big-time gamers and what is their experience like?

Use Cases

Is the new extender covering the home?

Segment all your users who recently installed home-network extenders and find out how much their coverage has really improved.

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Users fix their own problems without calling Customer Care

Veego Active creates the topology of the home network on the smartphone and shows problematic devices/apps with a solution that any user can execute

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What device is choking the internet in so many homes?

Automatically collect information on devices that are tying up WiFi resources. Tell the users about them and offer a solution that works!

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Veego Engage

Generates and correlates internet performance data, yielding insights into any segment of the subscriber population. It supports proactive initiatives by recommending actions for the optimization of customer experience.

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Veego Care

Constantly perfects the internet experience of subscribers and reduces Customer Care friction. It optimizes the experience of every internet user, analyzes root cause, and helps TSRs remediate problems efficiently.

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Veego Active

Ultra-friendly mobile app that enables subscribers to monitor and control their internet service in real time. Subscribers know about and resolve quality issues, so they don’t have to call Customer Care to enjoy good internet service.

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Data Packs

Veego combines its unique capabilities in data packs. Used in our own commercial products, dozens of data packs – organized by Experience, Internet Performance, Demographics, and Preferences – can be integrated with the CSP’s own BI systems.

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Veego develops numerous breakthrough and patented capabilities that enable CSPs to continuously perfect the experience of their internet subscribers, know with precision how subscribers are using and enjoying their internet, and obtain valuable usage and performance data. Our Decision Intelligence blends with proactive business processes to boost the competitive position and subscriber satisfaction.

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App ID

Patented technology automatically classifies services and apps as they are consumed, including: Video streaming, Online gaming, Web Browsing, Video Conferencing, Social networking, File Uploading/Downloading, and more.

Device ID

Veego automatically senses devices as they connect to the internet. Via proprietary technology, it determines the type, model, and version, achieving superior accuracy while overcoming issues like MAC randomization.

QoE Scoring

Veego uniquely scores the Quality of Experience of every internet session in the context of the operational parameters of the device and service being consumed. The QoE score reflects how users are experiencing the internet at every moment.

Root-Cause Analysis

Veego vigilantly watches for conditions that cause unexpected drops in QoE, whereupon it diagnoses and pinpoints the root cause and delivers its analysis to the CSP, while initiating or recommending steps for effective remediation.


Veego repairs certain problems autonomously, sometimes, even before subscribers sense them. In other cases, it recommends remediation. When multiple problems occur, Veego chooses the best contextual repair.

Every Home

CPE, home-network, and connection-agnostic, Veego delivers its advanced capabilities for all types of devices, apps, network topologies, and connections including (X)DSL, cable, fiber, and 5G


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