What Is Quality of Experience and why is it Important to Service Providers?

In the telecom world, Quality of Experience refers to the measurement of network performance metrics (latency, packet loss, jitter, throughput, etc.) in relation to whether performance is meeting the user’s expectations.

Quality of Experience
Veego mission is to continuously improve the Internet user experience in the Connected Home. It approaches Internet disruptions beyond typical latency and packet loss and focuses on measuring, monitoring, and benchmarking a wide variety of performance indicators, services and applications directly from customer premises. Veego reviews Internet-related disruptions from the perspective of the customer’s Quality of Experience (QoE), providing Internet Service Providers (ISPS) and Communication Service Providers (CSPs) with visibility into all home devices and related services.

Veego’s real-time, context-aware solution quantifies each user’s QoE from every connected device and the service that it consumes. From its vantage point in the home router with support from the cloud, Veego automatically detects faults and behavior anomalies, analyzes their root cause—within and beyond the home—and resolves problems even before users encounter them.
The Veego Cloud continuously collects vast volumes of device and service performance and experience data across the entire user base for valuable analysis and insights.
Veego bolsters Customer Support departments by facilitating self-care and arming CSRs with assessments and actionable recommendations that reduce and/or shorten support calls, reduce truck rolls and eliminate unnecessary hardware replacements.

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