What is Contextual Awareness and why is it important for Internet Providers?

Context awareness is the ability of a system to gather information about its environment at any given time in order to interpret and adapt to certain behaviors. Contextual awareness uses software and hardware to automatically collect and analyze data to structure relevant insights. Contextual Awareness

Veego’s Artificial Intelligence strives to understand the user’s intent, allowing it to generate unmatched insights about their usage, satisfaction, and potential issues.

Veego’s solution uniquely determines the context of every Internet session. Before any decision is made, any alarm is raised, or any action is undertaken, Veego learns the unique intricacies of the home and its residents’ Internet behavior. It understands what they are trying to do on the Internet, where and how – especially the quality of their experience.

Veego believes no two homes are alike and that their home connectivity activity defines their unique behavior. The company delivers service providers the right information, about a specific subscriber at the right time.

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The Veego ‘Solution Overview’ White Paper covers everything you need to know about current industry challenges and developments, and how the Veego products help service providers overcome them.

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