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Predictive Analytics

Veego predictive analytics help CSPs obtain valuable insights that support data-driven decisions. Accurate knowledge of connected-home behaviors, preferences, and needs provides a better understanding of subscriber experience and home-internet requirements. Predictive analytics utilize historical data to build forecasts, identify trends, create upsell alerts, and more. They also enable proactive interaction with subscribers before they feel they have an internet issue.
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Audience Segmentation Ilustration


Today, it’s crucial to be able to segment markets and target subscribers according to pertinent categories. An acute understanding of performance issues and lifecycle events of various segments enables CSPs to target subscribers according to needs, preferences, the reaction to services and products offered. In addition, it boosts network planning, effective spend, and upsell/cross-sell opportunities.

Churn Prevention

Acquiring new subscribers is an expensive challenge that requires keeping them engaged and loyal over time. Accurate diagnosis of subscriber behavior and being alert to risk of churn is vital. Veego’s smart data platform provides critical insights about subscriber attitudes toward their services, enabling immediate addressing of satisfaction-related issues – the key to preventing churn.
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Real Time Analytics

Subscribers are becoming more and more demanding as internet use ratchets upward. Veego captures a very wide range of analytics in real-time that continuously ingest, analyze, and correlate data gained from multiple homes, enabling rapid response actions. It’s easy to understand subscriber profiles, in-home network characteristics, traffic, location, and usage to create a 360-degree view of the subscriber, including devices and apps used, problems encountered, and level of satisfaction.


With the vast volumes of vital data that Veego generates and organizes, prediction of future needs becomes possible. CSPs can quickly learn about and group populations based on behaviors, preferences, geography, and myriad other attributes that help them understand similarities and differences among their subscriber base. Veego offers virtually unlimited ways to spot trends, isolate issues, predict suffering homes, measure the actual effects of network changes, compare before-and-after scenarios, deliver personalized care, etc. Users can ask interesting questions, quickly obtain the relevant data, visualize the results, gain insights, and turn them into actionable plans to boost subscriber experience, marketing initiatives, network planning, customer care, and more.
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Product Offering Optimization

The telecommunications sphere is a highly competitive industry. By providing personalized product packages to segmented audiences, providers can upsell and cross sell solutions. For example, with context-specific device, app and usage information, an ISP using Veego’s solution can see and suggest improvements for QoE, and offer a better home-based package. If the customer works from home and far from the router, the ISP can suggest a mesh extender. For streamers using Netflix at the end of their bandwidth, the ISP can offer an upgrade to help in real-time. Veego offers providers dynamic product optimization capabilities, mapping subscribers’ behavior preferences and needs and calculating the intersection between their needs and value.

Personalization of the Experience

Personalization is a great way to please subscribers and gain a competitive edge. With Veego, CSPs can mine the value stored in millions of new data points every day. Veego’s personalization analytics can point to products and services that contribute to the personal experience of each and every household.
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Contextual WiFi Optimization Illustration

Contextual WiFi Optimization

With the continuous growth in the number of connected devices in typical homes, WiFi routers must deal with more than just traffic. Complexity is increasing too with new types of devices, apps, and usage scenarios, along with emerging WiFi standards. Veego turns the home WiFi router into a centralized, context-aware, real-time monitoring and analysis station. Uniquely context-aware, Veego in the WiFi router understands the particular operational parameters of each connected device and app. With a context-aware WiFi router, CSPs can maximize QoE and obtain the real-time visibility to understand what’s happening in each home. Veego context-awareness grants Customer Care the ability to differentiate between supporting a video stream on a digital TV, a gaming app on a console, and a conferencing session on a laptop.