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Predictive Analytics

Veego provides predictive analytics to help ISPs and CSPs attain valuable insights to make data-driven decisions. Knowledge of their subscribers’ connected home behavior, preferences and needs, gives them a better understanding of the subscriber and their home internet requirements. Veego’s predictive analytics uses historical data to build forecasts, identify trends, create upsell alerts, and more.

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Customer Segmentation

The key to success for telecommunications providers is to segment their market and target their subscribers according to categories. This golden rule is relevant to various areas of a business. The Veego solution provides deep data on four segmentation schemes: customer value segmentation, customer behavior segmentation, customer lifecycle segmentation, and customer migration segmentation. Advanced targeting allows for the prediction of needs, preferences and the customers’ reaction to services and products offered. It also enables enhanced business planning and targeting.

Churn Prevention

Acquiring a customer is a challenging task. Keeping the customer engaged requires even more effort. Accurate diagnosis of the customer’s behavior and alerting of customers at risk of defecting is extremely important for operators. Veego’s smart data platform combines encrypted customer transaction data and data from real-time communication streams to provide insights regarding customer attitudes about the services. This allows operators to immediately address satisfaction-related issues and prevent churn.

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Real-time Analytics

With the rapid development of the internet ecosystem and evolving global connectivity, telecommunication companies face the challenge of constantly changing customer requirements. Subscribers are becoming more and more demanding as traffic gets increasingly active every day.

Veego’s real-time analytics provide a tailored solution that continuously ingests, analyzes, and correlates data gained from multiple sources and generates response actions in real-time. Veego’s real-time analytics combines data related to customer profiles, network, location, traffic, and usage to create a 360-degree user-centric view of the subscriber – their needs and malfunctions.

Recommendation Engines

With the large amount of data available to telecom companies, prediction of future needs is extremely useful. Veego’s recommendation engines and smart suggestion algorithms understand customer behavior and make predictions about possible future needs of the product or service. Veego’s collaborative analytics relies on user behavior or preferences, helping providers predict subscriber similarities. The critical assumption of the model is that people with similar profiles may have similar needs and make similar choices. Our category-based filtering approach utilizes attributes concerning the relationship between a customer profile and the items the customer chooses. Veego’s algorithm then recommends products and services like those previously purchased.
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Product Offering Optimization

The telecommunications sphere is a highly competitive industry. By providing personalized product packages to segmented audiences, providers can upsell and cross sell solutions. For example, with context-specific device, app and usage information, an ISP using Veego’s solution can see and suggest improvements for QoE, and offer a better home-based package. If the customer works from home and far from the router, the ISP can suggest a mesh extender. For streamers using Netflix at the end of their bandwidth, the ISP can offer an upgrade to help in real-time. Veego offers providers dynamic product optimization capabilities, mapping subscribers’ behavior preferences and needs and calculating the intersection between their needs and value.

True Personalization

Personalization in Telco is considered a good way to differentiate for less churn. ISPs personalize services for marketing to increase ARPU. According to BCG, Telcos that invest in hyper-personalization increase the value of their customer portfolios by 35%. Telcos can improve QoE at every touchpoint with the right information. With millions of data points every day, Telcos gather mass quantities of valuable customer data from usage habits in order to upgrade services in line with customers’ unique habits and interests. Using Veego’s true personalization analytics, Telcos can attain the right context-sensitive tools and AI-based analysis for understanding apps, devices and services with full, real-time visibility into the network. Whether for growing the ISP customer base, retaining existing users or improving customer service, effective personalization is the next era of the Connected Home for better QoE and higher ARPU.
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Contextual WiFi Optimization

With the continuous growth in the number of connected devices in a typical home, WiFi routers in homes must deal with more than traffic. There’s more complexity, not only with more devices, applications, and usage scenarios, but more WiFi standards – all competing for limited WiFi resources to co-exist in the home environment. Subscribers are running multiple applications both in the foreground and background (e.g., cloud backup), with each applications demanding specific, and often different, resources from the router.
Veego turns the home WiFi router into a centralized context-aware monitoring and analysis station in every home. Veego Resolves End-to-End Service Problems with Veego’s Context-Aware Wifi Optimization.

A context-aware WiFi router is one of the keys for Telco success. It’s uniquely placed to monitor and analyze all home network traffic. With Context Awareness, a WiFi router can understand the different operational parameters of each service. It can automatically optimize and dynamically allocate resources for smarter usage of embedded advanced technologies such as MIMO, Beam Forming, or channel size.
With a context-aware WiFi router, ISPs maximize QoE. Telcos get the real-time visibility needed into every home environment, services, applications, and devices to understand what’s happening in the home. Customer service has the tools to differentiate between servicing a video stream, a gaming app, a conferencing session, or a mix.