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Customer Support Representatives

Veego’s advanced AI technology supports Customer Service professionals in multiple ways. With Veego ISPs and agents can deliver personalized, superior care to each subscriber home.

Customer care, agents need to understand subscriber issues quickly and efficiently. With real-time access, data empowers agents with insights. Veego’s, provides NG Telcos customer care units the flexibility they need to handle incoming service quires. Using Veego’s analytics, customer care agents can leverage data-driven decision-making. They can see what’s going on in customer households in real-time and can review historical data in any resolution. Agents get the right information to make intelligent decisions for the next best action. This data helps them increase the number of quality customer conversations for higher levels of service at a lower cost.

Long-winded technical support session between unhappy subscriber and unfamiliar CSR turns into a positive experience with quick, effective solutions that cures problem and pleases the subscriber.

CSR Illustration
Marketing Specialist Illustration

Marketing Professionals

The telco professionals’ marketing mix focuses on creative promotional measures to help the telecom organization in informing, identifying, and influencing subscribers. Veego provides Telco marketing professionals with a plethora of tools to engage subscribers. Utilizing its deep knowledge about connected home residents’ preferred service and device usage, Veego provides Marketing professionals and data analysts with recommendations for hyper-relevant and personalized revenue-generating offers. For example, marketing professionals can generate upsell opportunities, suggesting devices or services that complement the subscribers’ existing home infrastructure and help boost subscribers total Quality of Experience. Whether it is a mesh extender that improves connectivity in a large house, or a package with better up-and-download speeds for a household of gamers, Veego provides the ISP/CSP marketing professional with the necessary insights that allow for a hyper-personalized customer experience – driving business growth.