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Veego Care

Veego Care is a SaaS platform that supports ISPs/CSPs, helping them identify the exact issues that are impacting the connected home customer experience – in real-time for each subscriber individually. The platform provides historical and real-time data of the experience, behavior, and performance of every internet session in the context of the characteristics and requirements of the device and app being used.
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Veego Active

Veego Active is a self-care app which enables ISPs to equip their customers with a tool that helps them manage their connected home on their own. The mobile app provides end-users with personal and relevant insights for understanding the issues that are impacting the subscribers’ Quality of Experience, allowing them to solve issues independently through recommendations, offers and instructions.

Veego Engage

Veego Engage is a SaaS platform that helps CSPs’ and ISPs’ network departments optimize their infrastructure through accurate prioritization based on data analysis, insights and alert-setting. Veego Engage offers end-to-end visibility, with the ability to monitor the connected home performance and behavior in order to accelerate event investigations. Internet Providers’ marketing and data analytics teams can analyze data for understanding internet performance fluctuation retroactively, consume day-to-day insights and set alerts to detect unusual events in real-time, making problem-prevention possible.
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The Veego ‘Solution Overview’ White Paper covers everything you need to know about current industry challenges and developments, and how the Veego products help service providers overcome them.

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