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Machine Learning is the key to boosting support capabilities while saving millions of dollars for Customer Care Departments [...]

IoT intelligence is artificial and so must be the services that make everything work together smoothly. [...]

Router replacement moves the problem rapidly to somebody else, but it costs a fortune.

Buying smart devices on Black Friday is fun. But getting them to work by Monday is a bleaker story.

As an expert in the fields of IoT and connected homes, Omer Sagi shares his wisdom and experience with us. [...]

A great deal of valuable information concerning the connected home was exchanged when Stacey Higginbotham recently interviewed Veego CEO, Amir Kotler. [...]

We keep hearing from newly minted, connected-home devotees who got in on the latest deal and spent thousands of dollars on some sophisticated IoT device or system like a home theatre or a …

Dan Yachin is an independent advisor with more than 15 years of experience in the market research field [...]

There are so many smart-home gadgets to consider. Thermostats, security cameras, wireless speakers and so much more. Isn’t the digital lifestyle great? [...]

There is always drama taking place at Veego as we lead the way toward perfecting the customer experience and technical support in the connected home where WiFi is king [...]

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