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Internet and Communication Service Providers have trouble knowing what’s going on with the internet service in the subscriber home. Are the users having a good experience? Are devices performing properly? Are users interfering with one another? Are routers and extenders installed properly and giving adequate coverage? Are subscribers getting ready to churn? ISPs simply don’t know. This lack of visibility indicates a dire need for AI-based technology that can watch over customer experience while detecting, analyzing, and solving problems.

What to expect in a personalized meeting call:

  • Brief discussion to learn about your goals and current needs
  • Live demo of our platform and how Veego can help you succeed
  • All your questions answered
  • No commitment whatsoever

People feel the internet. Veego precisely measures what they feel.

Veego goes by the philosophy that “People feel the internet”, that is, they have a subjective perception of their internet experience. Veego technology objectively measures the quality while focusing on perfecting the experience of each user in every networked home at every moment.
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