Veego Engage

Veego Engage is a disruptive data analytics platform that harnesses the power of data and AI-based analytics to provide Telcos a unique and deep understanding of the connected home quality of experience, creating opportunities and alerts for proactive initiatives that anticipate customer needs.

With Veego Engage CSPs and ISPs gain real-time data and context aware insights about their customers’ connected experience – from apps running in their home to their connected devices. Data that allows audience segmentation based on experience, app and service preferences, or internet usage types.

The Veego Engage eBook offers a brief introduction into the power of Veego’s data analytics capabilities and provides relevant use cases:

  • Audience segmentation based on usage types and preferences
  • Identification and monitoring of suffering homes
  • Identification of unusual events and connectivity issues
  • Creating real-time alerts and ideas for proactive subscriber outreach
  • And more…
Veego Engage eBook Graphic