Veego Gives Eyes to ISPs, Enabling Automatic Detection and Repair of Smart Home Problems

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Breakthrough technology ensures smooth customer experience and rapid glitch resolution

TEL AVIV – September 17, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/. Veego, an Israel-based startup bringing artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies to perfect the customer experience in the smart home, today announced a breakthrough capability that continuously monitors the behavior of devices and services, and autonomously detects, analyzes and resolves malfunctions as they occur.

Although the smart home market is growing rapidly, it is in disarray. Unlike any other market, home users independently buy and install countless types of smart devices and consume a wide variety of services, mainly through their internet routers. Today, the typical home contains a dozen smart devices. According to IDC Worldwide Quarterly Smart Home Device Tracker, in only three years, that number is expected to double.

Hundreds of millions of smart-home users already expect unhindered 24/7 access to the internet for myriad services that include movie and television streaming, interactive gaming and web browsing from tablets and smartphones. Whenever any smart device—thermostat, speaker, security camera, etc.—or service ceases to function properly, users tend to hold their ISPs responsible and turn to them for support.

According to a study by Parks Associates titled 360 View: Supporting the Connected Consumer, “Unresolved technical problems with smart home devices have risen 240% in 3 Years. 79% of consumers have self-installed a smart home device, and most do not turn to integrators for
assistance when there is a technical problem.”

Though blind as to what devices are present in the home and what services they are consuming, ISPs are tasked with supporting millions of home users. Because smart-home malfunctions can be the result of complex factors within and even outside the home domain— in the service cloud, for example—ISPs are unable to address many types of anomalies. Often, when customers report problems to the ISP support center, technical support staff have no way of seeing them, let alone reproducing, analyzing and resolving them.

“Technical support costs the ISPs a fortune in human resources, wasted time, unnecessary truck rolls and unwarranted hardware replacements,” stated Veego CEO, Amir Kotler. “Smart- home customers become quite frustrated with the time, effort and mistakes involved in support calls. The customer experience degrades, leading to churn and damage to the ISP’s reputation.”

Veego perfects the customer experience while reducing the time and expense involved in supporting smart homes.

The router-resident Veego Agent enables ISPs to “see” what devices are present in the home and what services they are consuming at any moment. The Agent automatically detects behavior aberrations and actual problems—often before the user experiences them. The Veego Cloud hosts a giant and growing Malfunction Knowledgebase that automatically analyzes and pinpoints the root cause of problems—within and beyond the smart home. It enables the Agent to resolve many problems on the spot or it supplies the ISP support center with all the information and analysis necessary to drastically shorten support calls and resolve problems promptly and accurately, eliminating wasteful truck rolls and hardware replacements.

“We are on a mission to establish order in the smart-home market for ISPs and their customers,” declared Kotler. “By applying the power of AI and other advanced technologies to this untamed market, we are able to assure a vastly improved smart-home experience for millions of people along with drastic cost reductions for the ISPs who support them.”

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