Know The Performance of All Your Routers All the Time

With AI-Based Performance Data For Full Network Transparency

The router is the CSP’s representative in each connected home. With the router, the home network stands or falls – and subscriber satisfaction with the internet service.

Router firmware needs to be updated regularly to fix bugs, improve the technology, and add the latest cybersecurity intelligence to keep the home network safe.

On the downside, upgrading firmware in numerous remote devices can be tricky and might cause a chain reaction of CX-disrupting events like device disconnections and performance drops. For many CSPs, the regular router-firmware upgrade is a nerve-wracking endeavor.

Knowing with precision, every router model and firmware version is not enough. CSPs also have to be able to accurately compare before-and-after performance BEFORE subscribers are negatively affected.

Performance Data For Full Understanding and Control

Network usage and performance data are an incredibly valuable resource for CSPs, but, to this day, are mostly underutilized or even untouched. Tapping into this treasure trove of data, CSPs can gain invaluable insights into subscriber experience and satisfaction with the internet service. But how can they access all this value?

Veego gathers valuable performance data from each router and transfers it to the cloud where it can be accessed for a wide variety of purposes. Via easy-to-understand dashboards, Veego delivers unparalleled insights into subscriber experience within the context of each specific internet session (type of device and app) as well as the overall experience of each home – at every moment and over time.

Automatically knowing when and why performance drops below a specific threshold and why empowers CSPs to take quick, proactive action to maintain a very high customer experience at all times.

Shaping The Future Of Telco CX

With AI-based Veego Engage, CSPs gain an accurate, and always-current understanding of the CX of every internet session in every connected home, including router performance Generating and collecting performance and highly accurate Quality of Experience (QoE) measurements, Veego Engage empowers CSPs with the ability to undertake proactive initiatives that anticipate and serve subscriber needs, continuously perfecting home-network quality while discovering and addressing suffering homes and candidates for churn.
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Curious to hear more about the benefits of cloud-based data insights?

Our eBook provides a quick and  dirty look into the countless benefits of unleashing the power of data for improved customer experience management. 

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