Take Control Over Your Subscriber Churn Rate
With Data-Based CX Insights That Let You Act Before Your Customers Do

Subscriber churn continues being one of the biggest revenue devourers in the telecom industry, with most reported churn reasons being CX-related. A research by TechSee revealed that nearly 40% of churned subscribers cite poor customer service as their primary reason, while the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) ranks CSPs as dead last in customer satisfaction.

In addition does Silent Churn (churn with unknown reason and without previous indication) come in particularly frustrating, as it doesn’t leave the provider with any chance for remediation.

Numbers and trends that raise serious concerns for CSPs on how to improve subscriber CX and with it increase customer retention. 

Data For Predictive Insights and Proactive Initiatives

Subscribers’ network usage and performance data is an incredibly valuable resource for CSPs, but to this day mostly untouched. By tapping into its potential, CSPs gain invaluable visibility and knowledge about their subscribers’ real-time and non real-time internet experiences, and gain a better idea of their level of satisfaction with provided services.

With locally gathered and cloud-based data that is immediately translated into intuitive dashboards, CSPs receive unparalleled and highly valuable insights into their subscribers’ experiences within the context of each specific internet session and the overall experience of each home at every moment and over time. Knowing when and why a subscriber is suffering from a poor quality of experience puts the ball back into the CSP’s ballpark, providing all necessary tools for proactive outreach and a customer experience that is remarkable. 

Shaping The Future Of Telco CX

With AI-based Veego Engage, CSPs gain an accurate, and always-current understanding of the CX of every internet session in every connected home, including router performance. Generating and collecting performance and highly accurate Quality of Experience (QoE) measurements, Veego Engage empowers CSPs with the ability to undertake proactive initiatives that anticipate and serve subscriber needs, continuously perfecting home-network quality while discovering and addressing suffering homes and candidates for churn.
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Curious to hear more about the benefits of cloud-based data insights?

Our eBook provides a quick and  dirty look into the countless benefits of unleashing the power of data for improved customer experience management. 

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