Know Your Subscribers Inside and Out

With AI-Based Data Insights For Personalized Internet Experiences

CSPs are struggling with how to offer each internet subscriber a truly personalized experience. No two connected homes are exactly alike, neither in topology nor in usage patterns, and internet usage in every home changes throughout the day and night. Especially gamers heavily rely on a stable and lag-free internet connection and are therefore particularly hard to please. They are on the look-out for CSPs who can meet all their network requirements: in terms of download and upload speeds, latency, bandwidth, coverage, and more. If the CSP does not meet the needs of the subscriber, churn is likely. So, how can CSPs know what subscribers need for their personalized CX?

Data For Personalized Internet Experiences

Subscribers’ internet usage and performance data is an incredibly valuable resource for CSPs, but is hardly collected and analyzed. By tapping into its potential, CSPs can gain invaluable insights about individual subscriber internet experience – and what to do to improve it and thus achieve an unparalleled advantage. Veego’s AI-based data insights deliver the data for personalized internet experience at all times.

Shaping The Future Of Telco CX

With AI-based Veego Engage, CSPs gain an accurate, and always-current understanding of the CX of every internet session in every connected home, including router performance. Generating and collecting performance and highly accurate Quality of Experience (QoE) measurements, Veego Engage empowers CSPs with the ability to undertake proactive initiatives that anticipate and serve subscriber needs, continuously perfecting home-network quality while discovering and addressing suffering homes and candidates for churn.
Veego Engage eBook Graphic

Curious to hear more about the benefits of  cloud-based data insights?

Our eBook provides a quick and  dirty look into the countless benefits of unleashing the power of data for improved customer experience management. 
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