Best Rock Albums of All Time

 (Yossi’s Opinion 😉)

Album of the week – Bruce Springsteen, Born to Run

Is Born to Run the greatest album ever?  Probably not…but it is certainly one of them.  Every serious baby boomer was impacted by the Album in one way or another.


Bruce Spingsteen Vinyl


Born to Run is Bruce Springsteen’s third studio album. It was released on August 25, 1975. It was also Bruce’s first commercial success. Bruce spent over a year recording it, because he anticipated that Columbia Records would drop the E Street Band if Born to Run was not successful. However, it was a mega success. So much that it featured on the covers of TIME and NEWSWEEK during the same week of October 27, 1975. Bruce Springsteen was the first rock star to do so.

While making the Born to Run album, one of Bruce’s ideas was for the album to begin and end with different versions of “Thunder Road”; an acoustic version to open the album, and a full band version to close the album.

Set up a meeting with Veego and we will send you a fresh version of the Born to Run album (Vinyl) directly to you in the mail.

Do you have a favorite Album?  Let us know and perhaps we will feature it in future.

*Forgive us. Our Vinyl offer is only relevant for Telco folks and is conditioned to a demo presentation meeting. We love all folks and know they have great musical tastes, but only relevant business opportunities qualify 😉

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