Shany Drapisz to Lead Veego Product Direction

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Meet Veego’s new Vice President, highly experienced in data-driven management and analytics

It is no secret that Veego has been making great progress. We are now perfecting Customer Experience in connected homes on four continents. Operating from internet routers in so many homes with support from the cloud, we have been building a giant data lake of priceless, CX-related data. Our customers want to be able to ask questions like:

  • What connected devices are popular in any given geographic area?
  • What services run on those devices?
  • What malfunctions affect the Quality of Experience of those services?
  • How do my servers compare in Quality of Experience delivered to subscribers?
  • How does user viewing time compare between leading movie-streaming services?
  • How do various smart TV brands compare in video-streaming QoE?
  • How does the performance of operator-provided streamers compare to off-the-shelf streamers?
  • What are the installation trends of home-security systems?
  • Where are gamers getting the best QoE?

These and thousands of similar piercing questions are answerable by looking deeply and across the Big Data that Veego continuously collects from connected homes. It’s now time to offer the ability to glean insights from all this data. We must help our customers navigate through the waters of the precious Veego Data Lake helping them make more accurate, data-driven business decisions. 

Enter Shany Drapisz, Veego’s new VP of Product.

Shany’s career expertise is in the digital arena based on data-driven management. She has accumulated wide-ranging experience and proven success in monetizing Big Data. Shany created and managed a Big Data division at the largest Israeli assembly of consumer websites. She also created a data-innovation consulting business for the retail, health, and finance industries.

Veego CEO, Amir Kotler, says, “We welcome Shany with open arms. She brings the expertise and experience that will help Veego define its leadership role in connected-home Customer Experience extending into Analytics, new revenue-generation products, and other initiatives.”

Shany is already hard at work discovering what’s available in the Veego treasure trove of data and how best to monetize it via unique and valuable products. Additional Veego capabilities, too.

Taking advantage of her considerable Marketing experience, Shany is especially tuned into trends in Veego markets, primarily Communication Service Providers, Device and App Vendors, and Content and Media Providers. She will soon define more leading products that take advantage of Veego’s AI, Machine Learning, and other breakthrough technologies. 

“I am so excited by this opportunity to expand Veego’s product menu,” enthused the new VP. “This company is growing so fast and doing so many unique, valuable things for such a wide variety of stakeholders in the connected home ecosystem. I am totally dedicated to making my contribution.”

We welcome Shany Drapisz to Veego and wish her great success in this next step in her career journey.