Author: Esther Orel

Veego Engage eBook Graphic

Veego Engage eBook

Veego Engage is an one-of-a-kind, disruptive customer experience platform that harnesses the power of data and analytics to provides Telcos a unique and deep understanding of the connected home quality of experience, supporting proactive initiatives that anticipate customer needs.

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Veego 1-on-1 Meeting Request

Veego delivers CSPs and ISPs real-time data and context aware insights about their customers’ connected experience – from apps running in their home to their connected devices to the overall end-to-end quality of experience.

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Veego Active in 1 Minute Cover Graphic

Veego Active in 1 Minute

Veego Active in 1 minute provides a high-level outline of the features and benefits of our Self-care mobile app and its use cases:

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