What is Veego's Application Intelligence?

Application IntelligenceApplication Intelligence is the power to gather clear, actionable, and reliable application data for more effective and efficient analytics.
Today’s connected home provides users with an array of devices and applications containing embedded technology that communicates with internal and external environments. Understanding the categories of the devices or applications in use and their intended purpose is the cornerstone of Veego’s Application Intelligence.

Veego’s Application Intelligence Platform

The Veego Application Intelligence Platform is uniquely able to deliver rich performance data, learning, and analytics, combined with the flexibility to adapt to the ISP’s or CSP’s infrastructure or software environment.
Designed for today’s telecom industry applications, the platform delivers real-time access to every aspect of your performance, so you can anticipate problems, resolve them automatically, and make smarter, more assured business decisions.
Veego’s Application Intelligence is an AI based system that essentially “sees” which home connectivity applications, devices and categories are being used, and in what capacity. This means that Veego can identify, measure devices, and anticipate potential categorical malfunctions – enabling the ISP or CSP to make better decisions and take the most appropriate action.
Representing the next generation of the connected home, it forms the basis for the way in which Veego uses data to support network performance and enhance the customer experience.